How do I attach the flag to the pole?

For an outdoor flag: use the flag fasteners that come with the pole, slide the ring up the pole, place one of the two grommets over the hole, tighten the screw, and for the second grommet stretch out the header of the flag until it is taut and slide the ring up the pole. Place the grommet over the hole and screw the flag into place. See diagram below:

For an indoor flag: Slide the polesleeve over the pole, use the velcro or leather tabs on the inside of the polesleeve to attach to the gold screw at the top of the pole. See diagram below:

What are heading and grommets?
What is a heading and grommets?

Most flags are finished with a heading and grommets. Flag finish refers to the way the flag is affixed to a flagpole. The heading is a strong canvas material that is sewn to the left side of the flag with a brass grommet in the upper left and lower left corners of the heading. A flag finished with a heading and grommets is most commonly used for outdoor use but can be used for indoor, parade, and display use as well. Below is an example of a custom flag finished with a heading and grommets.


What is a polesleeve?

Polesleeve is a flag finish. The polesleeve is a sleeve along one end of the flag that covers the pole and affixes to the screw at the top of the flagpole usually with velcro or leather tabs. Polesleeves are typical of indoor or ceremonial flags.

What is fringe and why would I need it?

Fringe is a decorative finish used on indoor flags. It can be accompanied by a matching cord and tassel and/or a flag spreader so the fringe can be better showcased. It is most commonly yellow gold, but is also offered in red and white. Fringe adds a layer of sophistication to flags that will be used to showcase proceedings or will be displayed ceremonially.

Do you ship?

Yes. We can ship flags directly to you.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Tenleytown neighborhood of Washington DC at 4708 Wisconsin Ave NW in Washington DC, 20016.

When are you open?
We are open for walk-ins and order pick-ups on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11am – 4pm. Wednesday and Fridays are by appointment.
How long does it take to make a custom flag?

Once you approve the proof, a flag is generally in production for 7-10 business days. Production times will vary based on quantity, size, and construction.

What’s the most common flag size?

The most common outdoor flag size is 3’x5′ ft.

What size flagpole do I need?

The size of the flagpole is dependent on the size of your flag and it’s purpose. Indoor flags can have adjustable or standard size poles.

How long does a flag last?

Flag longevity will vary based how you care for it and overall exposure to the elements. The US government expects a flag flown 24 hours a day outdoors to last approximately 90 days. To extend the longevity of your flag:

  1. Make sure your flag is designed to be flown outdoors.
  2. When possible, avoid exposing your flag to rain, snow or high winds. If it does get wet, spread it out fully until dry.
  3. To prevent tattering, do not allow the flag to be whipped against rough surfaces like trees or cables.
  4. Flags can be washed. For outdoor flags they can be washed in warm water with mild soap and spread out to dry. Do not dunk the flag into water or colors may run. We recommend dry cleaning indoor flags.
When should I display my flag?

Flags can be displayed on days when weather permits customarily from sunrise to sunset.